Custom-Printed Postcards for Businesses in Cumming, Georgia: Say “hello” to your local customers with eye-catching postcards designed and printed in Cumming, Georgia!

Whether you’re a small business trying to expand or an established company looking to thank loyal patrons, custom postcards are a great way to get the word out about your business.


Why Postcards for Businesses in Cumming, Georgia?

Postcards are a treasure trove for marketers. Their compact size makes them perfectly suited for both concise, targeted mailings and expansive, comprehensive campaigns.

They offer endless possibilities for showcasing your message and capturing the attention of your audience.

Their affordability and versatility make them valuable marketing materials for businesses to connect with their audience effectively.

Reach Your Local Community 

Attract the attention of your local community and inform them about your business with eye-catching postcards.

Custom designs let you show off your brand’s personality and highlight the message you want to share.

Best of all, our postcards can be sent through our direct mailing service or distributed as handouts, offering you several ways to communicate your message.

Make an Impression 

Postcards are a physical reminder of your business that can have a lasting impact on potential customers.

Plus, unlike emails and digital ads, postcards won’t get lost in people’s inboxes or forgotten about after the fact.

To help your postcards grab the attention of your prospects, we offer:

  • A variety of paper types and sizes, including standard 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, or 6”x 9” postcards
  • Glossy, matte, uncoated, UV-coated, or recyclable cardstock options
  • Rounded corners, perforations, or die-cut shapes
  • Full-color printing for vibrant graphics and visuals
  • Satin, soft, or glossy finishes
  • Foil stamping or embossing

Top 5 Creative Uses for Business Postcards 

Postcards have been a staple of mailboxes worldwide for over a century, and they remain one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with clients and customers.

But postcards aren’t just for saving money on postage stamps - they can also be used creatively to promote your business.

Here are five great ideas for using postcards to get the word out:

  1. Create a mini-catalog - Postcards are the perfect size to show off your products and services, along with information about pricing and availability. Use one side of the postcard for pictures and another for text.
  2. Give away coupons - Use postcards to give your customers a discount code or coupon that they can redeem at your store. Include a short message to remind them about your business and the deal they’re getting.
  3. Send thank you notes - Everyone loves to be appreciated, and postcards are the perfect way to show your customers you care. A simple thank-you note can go a long way in building relationships with clients and customers.
  4. Announce an event - Use postcards to let people know about upcoming events at your business. Don’t forget to include the date, time, location, and other relevant information.
  5. Keep in touch with past customers - Use postcards to stay connected with your previous customers and remind them of your products or services. This is a great way to generate repeat business and engage your customer base.